1. Half way through

    So I am half way through my ideas challenge.

    It is interesting to wake up in the morning and write a post about the first thing that comes into your mind. Sometimes though I have done it in the evening when I felt inspired about a particular idea.

    The funny thing that I am noticing though is that writing an idea down is harder than just having it. Maybe it reflects what I always say about the usefulness of ideas…

    I love sharing ideas, and I like to see them implemented by others (even if they don’t acknowledge where the idea originally came from). It is great to see people taking a brain-dump and transforming that into something, giving it shape, even if it was not the shape you had seen in your head. It is sad when people keep ideas to themselves and never make them happen. As it is sad when people take an idea and don’t honor the roots of this idea, just for the memory sake.

    Anyhow, I am having fun doing this (still a few more days and ideas to go) so let’s keep the ball rolling!

    Share your thoughts, discuss, steal, copy, make things happen!

Enrique Comba Riepenhausen

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