1. I love watching documentaries. They give you a glimpse of a particular theme and in some cases they wake your curiosity to dwell deeper into a theme.

    Prof. Brian Cox did something remarkable with his two TV series (The wonders of the Solar System and The wonders of the Universe). If you are a hardcore physicist or astrologist you will not agree that these TV series where any good, and argue that they are only divulgation.

    But there was something fascinating about them…

    They got people hooked to watch Prof. Brian Cox telling how wonderful the world around us is. His young looks and passion helped a lot in the success of the series (specially amongst the younger audience).

    So I thought about this and thought "wouldn’t it be awesome to find some good looking presenter (male or female) that would tell the story of software craftsmanship?".

    When I say software craftsmanship I don’t mean necessarily the Software Craftsmanship Movement, but the craft of writing software.

    The presenter would travel around the world telling the story of the craft of writing software, interviewing people that where key to the practices, values and principles great craftsmen share (i.e. I could imagine interviews to Ward, Kent, Unclebob and many other people that have influenced us).

    As a bonus it would show on the TV Sunday evenings ;)

Enrique Comba Riepenhausen

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