1. One of my favorite songs ever… Makes me dream and wander around in my mind

  2. Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard. ~ Standing Bear

    Two weeks ago I was flying with a torn calf from Madrid over Frankfurt and DC to Floyd, Virginia. I was going to spend the next three weeks with the fine fellows from Entryway. My leg was giving me a hard time and the trip was, from a pure physical point of view not, that pleasant, although I had some great conversations with different people during my flight and I even set up a date for next November to go dress shopping with Corey , Dave , Michael and possibly Brian .

    "Why would I embarc on such a venture with a leg hurting like that?" you might ask yourself. The answer is actually quite simple. I was going to meet my dear friend Gustin and spend the next 3 weeks of my time with him at a exotic place called Floyd. I was not to be disapointed!

    I arrived at night, after flying from DC on a tiny weenie plane ,at Roanoke airport where Gustin and Jon were waiting for me. It was a pity that it was dark already and I could not enjoy the scenery ( as Dave Hoover was recommending me to ), but given that I had been awake for the last 24 hours I was pretty tired. We arrived home and I jumped to bed getting ready for a great first week that was about to start.

    On Monday, the 4th of July we went to a party with Gustin, Andrea, Ceder and little Loic. Funnily enough the partys leitmotiv was theindependent thinker celebration. It was really nice to see all the people (young and old) celebrating their way of living in an America that does not really embody their lifestyle; a great way to start my time in Floyd and get a little bit of the gist of how my next 3 weeks in Floyd would be.

    So my work at Entryway started on Tuesday and we plunged right into their new venture Seedleaf.

    Seedleaf is a food distribution system aimed for local farmers, CSAs and food distributors that helps them selling their produce removing the corporate man in the middle, who usually makes far more money than the people who work the land. Seedleaf is due to launch soon and the fine fellows are working hard to get a great product out there. The fascinating thing about the fellows at Entryway. is their passion for the community they live in. They strive to serve the needs of the community they best they can creating a fair trading environment for the local farmers and food producers.

    In the last 2 weeks, while I have been working with Gustin, Jon, Jonathan, Katie and the ever smiling Lake, I have found a group of people passionate and caring about their work and community. It is inspiring how they care about their private lives as much as they care about their professional selves (they actually have a 3 day weekend to be able to disconnect from work and get back totally refreshed and energized every week).

    I wanted to write a bit more about my stay here and the work we are doing, but I’ll leave that for the last post about this wonderful place called Floyd :)

Enrique Comba Riepenhausen

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